*Attempt to complete the A-Z Challenge 2016

The variable that one seeks. Have you ever experienced the thrill that ran through your body when you discovered what X was?

Wired weirdly, I seek X every day.

On some days, it is the look of absolute shock on the sales woman’s face when I loudly ask for a pack of condoms, struggling to keep my face straight and nonchalant.

On other days, it is attempting to make the fellow shopper drop his goods as I ask for a pregnancy test in my loudest voice.

This weekend, it was smiling widely at every stranger who stared at me, as I stepped into a pub wearing a silk saree.

On all instances, I welcome that stab of pleasure that warms me from my toes as I broke set norms and stereotypes.

After all, what do you expect-I’m an XX.


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