Thambi is ‘Little Brother’ in Tamil. The other man in my life.  My parents prepped me for him by getting me all excited saying ‘Thambi papa, Thambi papa’ and the name stuck. I do not know if it embarrasses him when I yell ‘Thambi!!’ across the mall- if it did, he has never mentioned it.

I am trying not to make this a sentimental post, but it looks like the earth is tipping south, the words are flowing into the sentiment sea, and I am unable to do anything about it.

Since dad, this little one (not so little now) has been the man of the family. He was 13 then. Now he shares me with N; he gracefully stepped aside to let N take his place beside me. During those initial days when I was dizzy with all the ‘New bride’ attention, I wonder how he coped with the vacuum. Or maybe I give myself too much credit 🙂

The other day, S’s (Thambi’s best friend) sister got married. We were at the wedding and immediately after the Thaali-kattu (akin to exchange of the rings) S ran into the men’s room, and my brother followed. Apparently S had broken down and couldn’t control his tears.

“Did you cry at my wedding?!!” I demanded.

“Ummm..A little” came the sheepish reply.

“But I did not see you!”

“Because you were busy!”

“Shut up! Don’t lie!”

“What nonsense. Why must I lie?”

“Because that is what you do!”

“Oh please. Get a life!”

“You get a life!”


Did I say sea of sentiment? Apologies. That was the battlefield.




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