2014 summarised

Because I love to put my annual memoirs up on the blog (for the ten people who read it), and because 2015 has started and we are three months down and I have not posted anything yet, and because the first post of the year MUST be a summary of the previous year; here we go.

2014 started as a breathless continuation of 2013’s mindless travel on work. It was fancy in the beginning- the flights, jet-setting across cities, the hotels, the meetings, clients, networking and what not. By December I felt burned out. But nonetheless, it was amazing- every city had so much to offer, and the (lazy) backpacker that I can sometimes be, quite a bit of exploring and shopping was done.

It was a bad year for books. Many were bought, and discarded. David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell and Gone Girl are the only ones that I can think of when I look back to 2014. It was not so awesome friends wise either. Two close girlfriends married and moved. Things aren’t the same somehow.

It was a brilliant year for travel though- aside from what I used to do for work. Two other girlfriends and I travelled abroad on this all-girls trip. That is the second best highlight of 2014. I hope that we get to repeat that every year.

The search for ‘the man’ was on in full swing in 2014. After meeting some under parental supervision, and some others off meet-and-marry websites, I gave up. I was wholly prepared to buy a house, adopt dogs, travel and write until a certain somebody came along.

We met for ice cream, the meeting spilled into dinner, we spoke until our jaws ached, and by the end of that evening, I did not want to do the home-alone-with-dogs thing any more.

Now I can’t wait to get back home after every scheduled travel (if he isn’t travelling, himself). There was this ‘I am so fat!’ phase that I got bored of now. I tried the gym hard, zero sugar, no milk and only green tea regime for 1 week and lost 4 kgs; and decided it was not worth it. Actually, I am just plain lazy, and he doesn’t care for inches.

Lost touch with some more folks, got closer with some. Made some more awesome friends, and stopped worrying about those who drifted away. Mastered the art of switching work off at home, and switching home off at work, and started sleeping earlier than 1 am.

I must add that I had the most awesome birthday ever. One for the record:


And that was 2014. Uneventful, but for some select events. And just those made it amazing. 🙂