A Certain Somebody :)

Someday, you wish..

Somebody materializes, just like how you had imagined him in your head, having continually edited and tuned his personality through the years.

Somebody you can introduce to your friends and family without a tinge of anything close to a second thought

Somebody who would be game enough to try scuba diving or kangaroo meat, somebody who would never say ‘Oh no, are you crazy?!’ when you mention wanting to try something that is most certainly crazy

Somebody who is not scandalized by your 60 kmph on the two-wheeler (because he rides his at 100 kmph, ha!)

Somebody who would be amused by your drunken antics, who does not get judgemental or scandalized by the things you think or clothes you wear; the ideas you conjure or the decisions you make

Somebody who likes puli mittai as much as he likes his pizzas; somebody who insists ‘hey I’m also local okay’ yet feels at ease anywhere you drag him to

Somebody who knows what he wants, and has made certain that you are on that list

Somebody who good humouredly puts up with the multiple screenings that your friends put him through (and comes out with flying colours!)

Somebody who speaks your language, like you

Somebody who wants to want the same things that you do

Somebody whose hug is just perfectly moulded for you that it is so easy to slip into

Somebody who just lets you be- you


Your list might be longer, or similar, or tangentially opposite mine.

But to all of you, I say. Keep that list going, and don’t ever stop wishing, because the Universe is listening.

And keep an eye on your phones, co-passengers, emails and party invites because he just might be there, trying to reach out to you!

And to you, I say, again, you are more, so much more than what I ever dared to wish for; and am glad (well, glad is an understatement) to have finally found you 🙂