Abyss, this is what it looks like, she thought, her empty eyes staring into the dark, the infinite blackness offering every promise of solace and escape. She leaned forward, against every logical judgement her mind could conjure in those few seconds. 

‘Mm this feels good’ she thought as she felt his lips probe hers open, as his fingers loosened her taut neck. They were on his cruiser, the air chilly, and the water frightening

‘But I am engaged, I shouldn’t do this!’ quipped the alter-ego sane voice in her head

‘I’m so glad you came’ he mumbled into her ears, sweeping away the curtain that was her mane away, to nibble into her neck.

‘Everything’s going to be just fine, please don’t be hasty and ruin it all!’ begged her conscience, but she knew otherwise, as she always knew.

‘I never did expect you to come you know. What with all this drama you went ahead and staged last month’ he said, holding her hand to him and looking at the solitaire with contempt

‘He never meant a thing, he never did from the beginning’ her mind yelled back, as she blinked heavy, unshed tears away, thinking back to today when she walked in on him doing it with his secretary on the polished mahogany table in his cabin

‘You do understand nothing’s changed, don’t you?’ he said, suddenly pulling her back, and looking into her eyes with those piercing, smiling eyes

‘You were my last hope! I had thrown everything away for you’ she felt her heart hammer against her chest, ‘I threw my past, my present and my future for you and here I am now- look at me!’

‘We can still do our thing’ he drawled, yet she felt her skin crawl as if a thousand ants were marching on it. ‘The missus read about your engagement and came back to me.. that woman, I tell you, she is such a fool! But it will just be like old times I tell you!’

‘I was a fool to have trusted you’ she bit back the words she wanted to say,’ I was a fool to have trusted all you men, and all that has brought me here’  the mere thought made her involuntarily gasp

‘I’ll be right back’ she told him, stone faced and eerily calm, ’Just be going to the ladies room, we can turn in after that’

‘Anything- anything to get away from this place, all I need is just that, an escape’ she prayed, as she took a deep breath and made up her mind to take the plunge, the decision that had brought her to the yacht in the first place

Abyss, this is what it looks like, she thought, her empty eyes, staring into the dark, the infinite blackness offering every promise of escape and solace. She leaned forward, against every logical judgement her mind could conjure in those few seconds.

PS- This is a style of writing that I came across a long while back by a fellow blogger named Vidhya Iyer. Ever since, had been wanting to write something similar and here it is.


Eat, Pray, LOVE <3

Is it possible to fall in love with a city the first time you set foot in it? If you are in Singapore, that might be a yes.

I have never felt more at home anywhere else- even some cities in India make me feel alienated. But Singapore, with its varied ethnicity and mélange of different looking people made me feel so much at ease that I simply did not want to come back!


The Merlion

We had looked up a hostel and stayed there for two and a half days, and it was the best decision that we ever made. The lounge was this place where we met fellow lodgers- Marutians, Australians, Italians, Germans and Spaniards. Oh you name it, they were there! The first night, we stepped out for dinner with this motley crowd (shepherded by our host, Adler) and conversation flowed like wine. From  something as lame as “Quel est ton numero de telephone? C’est soixante neuf- soixante neuf- soixante neuf- soixante neuf” to geo and culture overload “It takes me seven hours and THREE time zones to get out of Australia!” I felt like a sponge who couldn’t get enough.

We met people – lots of people, among who there was one who called himself a Free Thinker and followed the rules of the book (yes there is a rule book), another who was a camera man with a reality show, a multilingual language teacher, an anthropologist- oh, the kinds of people we met! We had a guided tour by Adler again. We walked along the esplanade (which I fell in love with, and dreamt of jogging around one day..) and said hello to the Merlion, and tried our hand at the Tamil in the plaque under Stamford Raffles’ statue. That night was when two of us decided to walk around the city. We walked around blocks and quartiers, talking until our mouths ached- two women in short skirts, walking around town at 11 pm, and not being bothered by anybody.

We visited Universal Studios because it  was in one girlfriend’s bucket list. Why I had written it off even without reading up about it, I have no idea. I had to be dragged to the place, with my grouchy look plastered- until I saw them minions 😀 Crazy rides based on Madagascar, the Shrek, the Mummy, the Jurassic Park and Terminators (which I sat out of- and was booed at because it was the best ride of them all!) apart, just being there did a load of good! And as we walked, there were four boys who materialized out of nowhere with guitars and started singing ‘Uptown Girl’. We clapped along feeling ten years younger. And ofcourse- there were the minions 😀

IMG-20140703-WA0044 IMG-20140703-WA0042

We could visit only Jurong the next day, in time for the bird show. We really could not see IMG-20140703-WA0053much else. The last night I decided to saunter by myself, and met a friend at Clark Quay (it was Ramzan, I was excessively mean to her 🙂 ) We walked like there was no tomorrow, aching legs and empty wallets- with wide grins on our faces. A beautiful country, with beautiful people, and enough Tamil everywhere to make you feel at home. Amazing food that we could not get enough of- and a sense of safety that I am pretty sure I will never find in other cities in India!

We left with a heavy heart -atleast I did- I had to drag myself into the airport, constantly looking up ‘Jobs in Singapore’ in my mobile phone. I’m going back, most definitely!


Us 🙂

And that was the end of our trip! We came back with heavy hearts and loads of memories.. and if you meet us at lunch these days, you will find us arguing if Turkey is better than Vietnam or if we ought to screw it all and just go to Phuket 🙂

Six Films

I am not a die-hard movie fan. In fact, I watch only select types of movies- the ones with happy endings and minimal gore, the ones whose stories I pre- read on Wikipedia to avoid the trauma of slowly dying out of suspense.

Last month stood out clearly on my movies watched graph because not only did I exceed my usual number of movies-per-month (usually one or two), but it was flabbergasting that I had not read any of them up!

Six movies in thirty days is quite a feat for me. Some made me angry, like, ‘how could you make such shitty work and release it, and make us buy it, and waste our time?!’ Some others made me gooey and happy, endorphins and other happy hormones swimming inside me, and some others gave me goosebumps, and made me feel privileged to have had the honour of watching that particular piece of art. Here are the six, in the order of having watched them:

Megha (Tamil) – Fell in category one. We watched this because a friend bribed us to (with Sathyam Cinemas popcorn) It was a waste of time, the story- well, what story?, the director was an amateur, the heroine was cute, nothing more, the saving grace was the hero, who tried really hard, and failed.

Aagadu (Telugu) – Was made for Mahesh Babu fans. Reminded me of a play we scripted in class 12, where the dialogues were in rhymes. How could you take the audience for a joke?! Standard fare, a child could predict the ending, lots of skin show by Tamannah, and we left midway. (partly because it was getting late, partly because it did not entice me enough to stay)

Finding Fanny (Hinglish)– A ray of sunshine in my otherwise bleak movie chart. Not reading up did its good- went with zero expectations, and fell in love with the humour, the simplicity of the plot; no frills affair it was, no unnecessary songs, drama, punch lines, great cast, great acting, and ofcourse- Deepika Padukone ❤

Yaan (Tamil)– An obese heroine who cannot perform, a hero who had done so well in choosing scripts in the past, a loosely structured story with numerous loopholes and half-baked romance (that eventually did not justify itself), it was a waste of a Sunday morning (that was redeemed by an hour at Hamley’s. With the flying pig ❤ )

Madras (Tamil)– Something truly ‘Madras’! Typical masala movie, and a much needed hit for Karthi, but it made every Chennaiite’s head bob and pulse throb with the ‘Enga oore Madras-se, Adhukku naanga thane Address-se!’ beat. I loved the songs, the lead actors, the supporting actors (especially the dude who acted as Anbu. Sigh ❤  )

Haider (Hindi)– A brilliant piece of work, based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Though the urdu-mixed hindi was a little difficult to grasp in the beginning, we figured it out eventually. Exotic Kashmir shots that took our breath away, sublime romance that hit you hard, brilliant acting by Shahid Kapoor, and a lesson for all to learn..Inteqaam is just not worth it.

The Maze Runner (English)– No I did not watch this, though I really badly wanted to. And stood a friend up in the process. I’m sorry, V :/