ABC Challenge #15: O for Old

When you realize your hangovers are getting too frequent. When your nephew calls you fat and the comment just bounces off you. When you stop buying clothes one size less with the usual ‘I WILL fit into it by next month!’. When your heart breaks because you can’t find any balloon tops in Shoppers Stop.

When you nod vigorously when your friend says ‘Aw dude, why take the trouble to go ALL the way to the beach! Let’s just crash at my place!’ When making out tires you. When flirting makes your eyes roll, even though the poor guy is just trying to be sweet. When, most times, you just want to cut the slack and go. ‘Okay, dude, just tell me what the deal is?!’

When you look at college kids and think, ‘In our days..’ and mentally whack yourself. When the ‘What do I make for dinner!’ thought takes higher priority over ‘Jeez I need to wax my hands!’. When you consciously stop addressing auto drivers as ‘annas’. When mothers with babies go ‘Say bye-bye to aunty, beta’ pointing at you, and your smile freezes and your breath gets caught in your lungs.

When you realize that as the days roll, so do the years.

With this realization, I wish we all also realize that we have a choice.

Because, when you look at it with the wisdom that you might have garnered over the years- age is just a number, and old is just an idea in the head. The only thing that can age- maybe, is wine.