ABC Challenge # 5- E for Envy

Covet not, they say, O bearer of ill will,

Behind your smile sweet, as you design the kill

Mere thoughts poison more than you might know,

Beware of such, the garbed-friendly foe!

Your clothes, your smile, even your shoe’s little twine,

Nothing escapes her glance, serpentine,

And behind every veiled wish and kiss,

Seek, and you will hear her deadly hiss!

Run; flee- at the first sign of the flame,

But before the flight, do tell dame-

‘Look into yourself, and you will see,

A world of things that you never knew, be!’


ABC Challenge #4- D for Dad

Somebody who answers all your questions, patiently, and with a smile. No question would be too dumb or too lame, no story would have been told enough number of times, and you will never be too old for a piggy-back ride.

Somebody who would never tire of you, or your silliness. Somebody with whom you can be mad, crazy and PMS-y, without fear of him judging you or shooing you away.

Somebody who would love you- no matter what. Despite all the mistakes you commit, irrespective of the screw-ups, the lies and the mischief.

Somebody who finds pride in every single, tiny feat of yours. Be it your first word, your first tooth, first race, first win. You become the centre of his world. Your smile is what he strives for, what he works for, what he lives for.

Somebody who you can count on- anytime, any day, anywhere. Somebody who will always find time for your PTA meetings, your sport practice, your shopping, your movie plans. Someone who will never, ever be too busy for you.

Somebody who would never break your heart. Even though you might have broken his a zillion times. Or failed him more than that.

Somebody who would put you in front of everything in his wishlist. Because you are his biggest wish come true.

Somebody who a lot take for granted. We believe they would always BE there, trusting our little hearts to the rock solid trust they build in us- dads are strong, indispensable, nothing can touch dad, there’s nothing dad cannot do or fix.


Then you realize, dad is somebody who can never, ever be replaced.

I love you daddy.


ABC Challenge # 3- C for Confessions

Of late these confession pages are really getting to me. Why would anybody want to read other people’s confessions? Okay, juice is fun. Poking into other people’s lives gives people a nice high. Otherwise why do we all spend hours on Facebook navigating from one stranger’s page to another, poking around and generally wasting time? So yeah, maybe that’s understandable, though still in a ‘what nonsense’ kind of way. But I really don’t get the point behind anonymous confessions.

For the past few weeks, anonymously, people have been confessing love, people have been voicing hate against a group or an individual..and all the while we are raised being told to not back bite, to be brave and face things head on, to say things to people’s faces and all that.

So, as I sat thinking about a topic for C, I decided to pen down my own confessions here, where I can rant all that I want without a care in the world! (and lure more traffic that way)

I had a severe case of sibling rivalry when my brother was born. Thankfully, nobody else remembers it, so we will let that be.

I had a lot of trouble figuring my way out through school. I went through this awful phase where I felt nobody wanted to be friends with me. Till today loneliness is my biggest fear.

People I know keep wondering why I never fancy south Indian men 😐 (I, ofcourse, disagree)

I cannot keep secrets. Or promises, for that matter.

I have a thing for people who get their grammar right.

I abhor the whole matrimony-match-making scene that is happening around me- judging and being judged on the basis of a photograph, is not nice, or right, IMO.

Given a chance, I would pack my bags and leave everything to move to Paris. If I had one wish… Sigh.

Seven is a good number, so here I stop 🙂

And if you are upto confessing today, non-anon, of course, please do 😀 Would love to hear!